FD Centre

The FD Centre is the primary sponsor of The Business Golf Club.

The Club’s founders, David Seaton and Paul Denning, are both Regional Directors of the FD Centre, the world’s largest provider of part time Finance Directors.  The FD Centre makes it possible and practical for SMEs to take on one of the UK’s leading finance directors on a part-time basis for a fraction of the cost of a full-time FD.

The FD Centre has operations in 11 countries, through 30 different locations and believes strongly that one day all SME’s will have a part time Finance Director.

As well as providing clients with FDs, they are exceptionally well connected with all manner of different suppliers, advisors and service providers including Banks, Lawyers, Accountants, Experts and of course, a huge number of business owners and managers.

David and Paul started The Business Golf Club to enable business owners, managers and senior advisors to network together, while sharing a common interest – Golf.

It’s people that do business with people.  Trust needs to be gained, along with a great understanding of potential opportunities that exist amongst all the Club’s members.  The Club provides the ideal format for friendships to be made, trust won and new contracts agreed.

Click here to read more about what the FD Centre can do for your business, or look out for David Seaton, Paul Denning or one of their FDs at the monthly medal and online.


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