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Some of The Business Golf Club Membership Features

Exclusive Membership

The Club is for Senior Decision Makers only.  You can be certain that your fellow members are seasoned business professionals – although we can’t make the same promise about their golf skills!

Premier Events

We hold a major event every month, 12 months per year.  We choose the best courses, with the best hospitality.  All standards of golf are catered for – it’s all a bit of fun, apart from the new business that you’ll create!

Member Profiles

All member profiles are viewable online 24/7.  Whether you fancy hooking (or slicing) up for a 4 ball, or just checking out the competition, it’s quick, easy and of course, exclusive.

Group Discussion

Looking for some members to make up a round?  Or perhaps you’re short of a few players for your company’s golf day?  Get a discussion going, meet new friends and share 19th hole stories anytime.  Now, did I tell you about the hole I halved in Eagle?


Event Tickets?

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Competition Info

Our monthly competitions are open to all members.  Handicaps are issued by The Club to ensure that everyone plays from a level playing field – although perhaps not a level lie!

All competition places go towards our annual order of merit and the chance to win free places at our end of year Euro-finals.

Pre-membership Question?

We’re here to help.  Please email us :  info@thebusinessgolf.club


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